Best Knife Sharpeners of 2019: Everything You Need to Know About Knife Sharpeners

The importance of knife sharpeners has become pertinent in recent years, especially in households. It isn’t something that only used by professionals chefs. Almost everyone uses them nowadays, and that’s why it is important to reinforce why they are so necessary from time to time.

Knife sharpening tools do more than just sharpening a knife blade. They make it more efficient, easy to use, and improve the longevity of the knife. Let’s look at the reasons that make knife sharpening tools essential and beneficial.

When a knife blade is sharp it is a lot easier to slice or chop the produce needed for cooking. A sharp blade allows you to cut cleanly without damaging your delicate goods like tomatoes, herbs, etc. When this happens, the food produce doesn’t remain or look fresh. A sharp knife is easier to use, the blade goes through very cleanly. With a blunt knife, you have to use a lot of brute force. If you cut a tomato with force, it is going to squish and your hands and you risk getting hurt. But neither of those things happens with a sharp knife.

Knife sharpeners are the best tools for sharpening your kitchen knives. And we are here to tell you everything you want to know about them.

Our Guide to the Best Rated Knife Sharpeners

Top Fool-Proof Sharpeners (Best Seller!)

This is a well known secret – simple products work the best. There are a lot of companies that manufacture knife sharpening tools. There are ads of knife sharpeners as seen on TV or Amazon or other places that proudly display their ‘smart’ and ‘unique’ features.

But the general rule of life is that something simple stands a better chance of making it than something that’s complicated and complex. Many times, we don’t really need so many features; just one simple purpose, that the product fulfills is enough. Even though they look amazing and feel enticing, you should buy a knife sharpener that has the features you need.

In the end, simplicity wins over complexity. You wouldn’t want to use a knife sharpener that’s confusing right? Take our word for it. Check out some of our top picks in the simple yet sturdy knife sharpener category.

Best Fool-Proof Sharpeners: Winware Stainless Steel Sharpening Steel


Winware Stainless Steel Sharpening Steel, 12-Inch

Quick take: Comfortable and Portable Sharpener.

Re-touch and sharpen your knife blades with this stainless sharpening steel knife sharpener.

The Winware Stainless Steel Sharpening Knife is a 12 inch stainless steel rod that is used for honing and sharpening the blades on your kitchen knives. There are two types of stainless steel rods that are used on knife blades – honing rods and sharpening rods. A sharpening rod can also hone your knives, but a honing rod generally cannot sharpen blades.

Being a stainless steel sharpening rod, the Winware Sharpening Knife can be used for getting your dulled out knives back to life. The highlights of this knife sharpener are in its durability and simplicity. It is a simple stainless steel with a hook at the end for hanging it. There are no fancy features and it is extremely easy to use. Secondly, the complete stainless steel design makes it sturdy and prevents erosion even after long-term regular use.

All in all, the Winware Knife Sharpening Steel rod is great for those who like the old school way of sharpening their knives, with minimal complexity and features. And it offers all this for a great price as well.

Best Stone Knife Sharpeners

It won’t come as a surprise to many that there are certain kinds of stones that are used as knife sharpeners. These are commonly known as knife sharpening stones, whetstones or water stones. Stone knife sharpeners grind and hone the blade to make it fine and sharp.

Although knife sharpening stones come in different shapes, sizes and compositions, they are commonly differentiated by their grit. A larger grit stone tends to grind the blade and removes greater chunks. A finer grit is used for adding the finer, finishing touches to the blade and make it sharp and smooth.

Stone knife sharpeners come in natural as well as man-made forms. Artificial whetstones are more popular because the grit, density and material can be pre-decided for the stone to perform specific knife sharpening functions. It often accompanies some electric knife sharpeners for adding that final touch of finesse to a knife.

Top Stone Knife Sharpeners: Premium Whetstone 2000/6000 Grit BearMoo Professional

Premium Whetstone 2000/6000 Grit BearMoo Professional Double-Sided Sharpening Stone – Nonslip Bamboo Base & Angle Guide

Quick take: Powerful Knife Sharpener with a Solid Base.

The BearMoo Professional Combination Whetstone is a knife sharpening stone with a bamboo base and grit combo of 2000 and 6000. It comes with a bamboo base that keeps the stone firmly in place during the sharpening process, and a knife guide to assist you. The material is an industry grade white corundum stone that is resistant to heat and erosion. The edges of the stone are marked clearly so that you can differentiate between the bigger and finer grit easily.

The surprising element about the BearMoo Professional Combination Whetstone is the sheer simplicity of its design. It is a simple stone that is very sturdy and durable, and doesn’t require any complicated learning. The accompanying guide helps you sharpen your knives correctly.

Even with a basic design, this whetstone effectively and efficiently sharpens all knife blades. The coarse grit side sharpens dull knife blades while the finer grit can be used for intermittent honing.

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Best Electric Knife Sharpeners

Technology and innovation have taken the world forward so fast that what was expected to be achieved in a few millennia got done in just a few centuries. Kitchen appliances, equipment and tools haven’t been left behind in this impressive momentum of progress with electric and automated products now replacing traditional kitchenware.

Electric knife sharpeners have also entered the knife sharpening market and replaced some of the traditional manual methods greatly. These knife sharpening tools are the completely automated designs that just need a plug point or batteries and are good to go. They have eased the knife sharpening process, particularly for those who are pressed for time or new to the concept, and don’t have the time or opportunity to learn the manual methods of stones or steel rods.

It is as simple as plugging the knife sharpener in and referring to the instructions manual for the initial assistance. They are great in terms of convenience, efficiency and time saving.

Top Electric Knife Sharpeners: Chef’s Choice 15 Trizor XV EdgeSelect Electric Knife Sharpener

Chef’s Choice 15 Trizor XV EdgeSelect Electric Knife Sharpener, Platinum

Quick take: Smart Electric Knife Sharpener That simplifies The Work For You.

This Electric Knife Sharpener from Trizor Edge is a very smart little device that does more than just merely sharpening knives. It’s innovative Trizor Edge and 15° XV technology makes blades super sharp while maintaining their durability and strength. This knife sharpener works on the 15° principle, maintaining that this is the most effective and high-performance blade angle.

Providing a 3-stage sharpening process, this machine lets you sharpen knives of varying thicknesses too. The accompanying guide is of great help in this regard. The Chef’s Choice 15 is designed with diamond abrasives and patented flexible spring guides that make it resistant to corrosion, erosion and damage, and hence very durable.

Although it is designed with smart technologies, it is very simple to use. The detailed guide helps you understand how to use it quite quickly. And it is also a versatile knife sharpening tool as it sharpens knives of various make and blade types.

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Best Knife Sharpening Kits and Systems

Knife sharpening systems are kits that contain knife sharpening tools and instruments that are used for sharpening knives. Different knife kits have different components. Some have whetstones or water stones while some have sharpening and honing rods. It depends on what you are looking for. Accordingly, you can find a comprehensive kit for your knife sharpening needs.

For instance, some knife sharpening kits have a variety of stones, such as oilstones, whetstones, etc. Some have a combination of stones and steel honing rods. These kits come in packed boxes, making them easy to store as well.

The advantage of knife sharpening kits and systems is their simplicity and functionality. They are very effective and helpful for your knife sharpening needs and endeavors. And to add to that, they are extremely easy to use. There are no complex features that need to be mastered. That’s what makes them so convenient.

Top Knife Sharpening Kits and Systems: Tri-Angle Sharpmaker

Spyderco Tri-Angle Sharpmaker Knife Sharpener 204MF

Quick take: A Simple and Easy Way to Sharpen Knives.

The Spyderco Tri-Angle Sharpmaker is a knife sharpening kit that consists of 2 sets of ceramic stones with a high alumina content. It comes packaged in a neat little box that’s easy to store and carry.

The highlight of this knife sharpening kit is that it is made from the best quality materials. The stones are very durable and sturdy, and can sharpen knives effectively without getting damaged due to corrosion, heat or erosion with long-term use.

The Spyderco Tri-Angle knife sharpening kit is very versatile, meaning it can be used for sharpening more than just kitchen knife blades; it works effectively on plain and flat edges, fishhooks, awls, darts and more. The concept is very simple. It just has 2 sets of sharpening stones. There is nothing complicated about understanding or mastering the technique of using the stones. That’s what makes the Spyderco Tri-Angle Sharpmaker an effective and useful knife sharpening kit.

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Best Tactical Knife Sharpeners

A tactical knife is a specially designed knife that’s great for many purposes, and particularly combat and self-defense. It is different from a regular knife in design, use and the way it feels. So it must come as no surprise that this kind of knife cannot be sharpened as effectively using regular knife sharpening tools. Hence, tactical knife sharpeners were created.

These knife sharpeners are designed to sharpen the specific design of a tactical blade without harming it or reducing its effectiveness. Tactical knives are often made of stainless steel, which is difficult to sharpen and grind. Although it’s tough, it retains its sharpness for a longer time with regular use without getting dulled out.

Tactical knives are best sharpened using diamond abrasives or ceramic abrasives. As mentioned, they are designed especially for combat or self-defense purposes and hence need a special sharpening tool. Let’s take a look at our top pick in the tactical knife sharpeners category. If you own a tactical knife, then this information will be quite helpful for you.

Top Tactical Knife Sharpeners: Redi Edge 40 Degree Angle Tactical Grey Pro Sharpener

Redi Edge 40 Degree Angle Tactical Grey Pro Sharpener

Quick take: A Simple and Easy Way to Sharpen Knives.

The Redi Edge Tactical Knife Sharpener is really great for tactical knives because of its material, design, and sturdiness. It does more than just sharpen your tactical knives; it sharpens and hones them as well. The main component of this sharpening tool is the Duromite cutters. They are extremely sturdy and durable, and give the knife blade a fine, razor-sharp finish. They go for a long time with regular use without losing their effectiveness.

The advantage of the Redi Edge sharpener is its small size. It is about the size of a credit card, and hence very easy to carry with you wherever you go. The ceramatized coating on the body of the sharpener keeps it in good condition and away from harm even in rough, outdoor use.

In a nutshell, the Redi Edge tactical knife sharpener maintains a 20° double edge on your knives, is portable, simple, versatile, and very sturdy.

Looking for a the perfect gear for you next adventure? We’ve made this list of all top rated Tactical Knife Sharpeners, take a look!

What to Look for When Buying Knife Sharpeners?

Our advice would be to first look at your requirements when you are planning to buy a knife sharpener. Knife sharpeners are made for varying levels of use and various purposes.

  • Frequencey – if you just want to sharpen kitchen knives occasionally for home use, or more frequently usually for professional purposes.
  • Knife Type – you would need a different knife sharpener than if you want to sharpen a variety of blades or a tactical knife.
  • Budget – how much are you willing to spend on a knife sharpener?

All in all, a good knife sharpener will be useful, effective, good quality, and have warranty and post-sales support. Always remember these things and you will find the right knife sharpener for you.

How to sharpen your knife?

Knife sharpeners are very useful for sharpening knives effectively. There are 2 ways to sharpen a knife – manual and electrical. You can use a whetstone, honing steel rod, or electric knife sharpeners.

Now let’s understand how to sharpen your knife using these methods.

Whetstone or Diamond Stone

  1. Lubricate the stone using mineral oil or honing oil.
  2. Choose an angle between 10 to 30° to sharpen the blade.
  3. Start with the rough grit and then move to the finer side. Drag the blade across the stone in the downward and outward direction.

Using a Honing Rod (Steel)

  1. Hold the rod in the non-dominant hand. If you’re right-handed, hold it in the left hand.
  2. Hold the knife in the other hand, at the handle.
  3. Place each side of the blade at an angle of 10-30° from the rod.
  4. Use the top half of the rod and glide the knife from the base and to the tip.
  5. Repeat 6-8 times for each side.

Electric Knife Sharpener

Just the place the knife on the sharpening area and the  device will automatically do the job. The devices usually come with detailed instruction manuals that provide instructions on how to use them.

Sharpening knives is an art that takes a little practice to master. Check out our top picks, recommended products and everything else you need to know about knife sharpening.

What’s Next?

If you are looking to get more information on different knife sharpeners topics, you can start with reading our guide for best Electric Knife Sharpeners. Needs something else? Want to compare our rating to other products? Go on, get the best selling Knife Sharpeners on Amazon and research the popular products.

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