Best Electric Knife Sharpeners

Sharpening knives regularly is very important because they become blunt and dull after regular long-term use. Knife sharpening tools come in handy for this purpose.

Knife sharpeners have two types – manual and electric. Manual sharpeners require you to sharpen the knife by hand, which takes practice to perfect. An electric knife sharpener, on the other hand, does the work by itself. Both these knife tools come with their own set of advantages, and which one you choose depends on your requirement. But if convenience and efficiency is what you seek, then electric knife sharpeners are the best bet.

The advantage of having an electric knife sharpening tool is that it doesn’t deteriorate when the knife is being sharpened. It is very durable. The second advantage is convenience and efficiency. An electric knife sharpener does the work much faster and a lot more precisely than if you were to do it manually. Additionally, these devices are a lot safer. You can get hurt if you don’t use the manual sharpener correctly, a danger that’s nullified with its electric counterpart.

Now that we know why they are beneficial, let’s look at reviews of 3 of the best electric knife sharpeners in the market.

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Chef's Choice 15 Trizor XV EdgeSelect

Rating: 4.7

Reviews: 837

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 Chef's Choice 1520 AngleSelect Diamond Hone

Rating: 4.5

Reviews: 449

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HaloVa Electric Knife Sharpener

Rating: 3.2

Reviews: 24

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Best Electric Knife Sharpeners Reviews

  • HaloVa Electric Knife Sharpener, Multi-functional Motorized Knife Blade Sharpener
  • Chef’s Choice 1520 AngleSelect Diamond Hone Knife Sharpener-Brushed Metal
  • Chef’s Choice 15 Trizor XV EdgeSelect Electric Knife Sharpener

1. Best Price For Electric Knife Sharpener: HaloVa Electric Knife Sharpener, Multi-functional Motorized Knife Blade Sharpener

HaloVa Electric Knife Sharpener, Multi-functional Motorized Knife Blade Sharpener, Home Kitchen Knives Sharpening Tool

Quick take: This Winter You Won’t Be Cold.

The Huluwa Electric Knife Sharpener is a small and compact knife blade sharpening tool. Its highlights are the small size and affordable cost, making it both a space-saver and money-saver. The product can be used for all kinds of knives and blades, including scissors. It isn’t just restricted to knives. Although given its size, you may need to be a little careful with the bigger knives and scissors.

The catch with the Huluwa Electric Knife Sharpener is the fact that it runs on batteries. AA batteries to be precise. Now there is a general expectation from electronic devices that are battery-operated – they must be powerful enough. Especially for performing a function that requires tapering a steel blade and making it sharper. Having a plug-in override works in such cases.

All said and done, what works in favour of this electric knife sharpener, according to us, it the reasonable price. This device is quite pocket-friendly and economical, making it a sound investment of sorts. But does it offer value for money? Even if it’s a small amount, does the product deliver? Let’s take a look below.


An obvious pro of the Huluwa Knife Sharpener is clearly the low cost. This product is priced at an attractive and appealing low price, making it a good purchase for students too. If you are working part-time or studying and regularly require knives or scissors (for example, architecture students and culinary interns), then this is probably the best electric knife sharpener for you cost-wise.

Another aspect that we liked about the Hulawa sharpener is the compact size. It is easy to store this tool anywhere, as it has the ability to fit into smaller spaces. It has a very straightforward way of operating. You can work it after reading the instructions just once.

It offers a lot of versatility when it comes to the tools that you can sharpen. Not restricted to just kitchen knives, the Hulawa sharpener sharpens scissors, precision tools, household tools, choppers, and more. Buying one is enough to take care of all your blade sharpening requirements.

Finally, the design. We really like the way this electric knife sharpener has been designed. It sits on a wide base, with the sharpening tool on one end. And underneath, there is a tray that collects all the metal shavings for you to throw out later. This keeps the entire sharpening process and your surroundings clean.


What has us a little apprehensive about this electric knife sharpener is the fact that it does not come with a plug-in override and is entirely battery-operated. This may put some strain on the machine when you insert a knife blade, so you will have to take precautions not to push the blade hard into the sharpening space. Because if this happens, then the machine can get bogged down and shut down. The AA batteries are not powerful enough to work the machine and sharpen blades if there’s too much strain. If you get the blade placement and pressure right though, you can make it work efficiently.

The other characteristic that did not appeal was the noise factor. The Hulawa Knife Sharpener is kind of noisier than expected and also emits slightly more vibration. This is strictly a subjective observation though, and if you are okay with it, then it won’t be seen as a ‘problem area’. However, if you don’t take too kindly to noisy devices or are physically affected by vibrations (for instance, people with tennis elbow), then you may want someone else to do the sharpening on this knife tool while you sit in another room.

What’s the verdict?

We were quite divided between the pros and cons of the Hulawa Electric Knife Sharpener. The biggest favorable factor is the affordable price. It is very easy to use too. There’s also the compact size and smart design.

However, on the flip side, the battery-operated machine can be a problem if you press down the knife into the sharpening slot. That and the lack of a plug-in override in case the batteries conk off. And the noise and vibration as well.

There is a technique to work around the battery power issue. If you are looking for an affordable option, then this is the best electric knife sharpener in its category.

2. Best Quality For Electric Knife Sharpener: Chef’s Choice 1520 AngleSelect Diamond Hone Knife Sharpener-Brushed Metal


Chef’s Choice 1520 AngleSelect Diamond Hone Knife Sharpener-Brushed Metal

Quick take: For people who look at the long term.

The Chef’s Choice 1520 is a versatile electric knife sharpener that offers 3 knife sharpening stages. You can use it to sharpen serrated blades, straight blades, and single- and double-bevel blades. You must have guessed that it sharpens more than just kitchen knives. It sharpens blades for European, Asian, as well as American style knives.

This is a rather fair sized electric knife sharpener that needs a plug point to work. It has 3 slots for sharpening knives depending on the blade that you wish to sharpen. Adding to its versatility is the design; this knife sharpener is made entirely out of diamond abrasives on the sharpening area. This prevents the sharpening area from wearing out from regular long-term use.

Slightly on the pricier side though, so it is basically an investment of sorts. It isn’t a pocket-friendly knife sharpener at all. So it would be good for you if you are looking for a long-term investment. However, it makes up for this in terms of quality and versatility.

What works in its favor is the functionality and usefulness it offers. The seller offers a long term warranty of 3 years for every device. But does the Chef’s Choice 1520 offer value for money? Let’s find out.


The first thing that we like about this knife sharpener is its versatility. It doesn’t restrict itself to sharpening one type of knife blade; on the contrary, it offers 3 different kinds of blade sharpeners in one device. It works on straight, serrated and bevel knife blades.

The second thing that we loved about this device is the high quality. The Chef’s Choice 1520 is made from 100% diamond abrasives. This prevents the sharpening area from wearing out with use. Because of this, the knife sharpener lasts for a very long time. Diamond abrasives are sturdy and tough, which is extremely important if you are going to be sharpening knife blades on it.

The Chef’s Choice 1520 claims to offer extreme precision when it comes to making a blade as sharp as it is supposed to be with its patented flexible stropping/polishing disks. The disks are not rigid or fixed in place, making it easy to maneuver the knife. The material with which they are made has been patented by the company. It does not erode, and sharpens the blade down to a microscopic degree of fineness. This is strictly a plus in terms of material quality.


The one major issue that we found with the Chef’s Choice 1520 is that although the wheels are made from diamond abrasives and their patented material, the sharpening is still a bit rough. As per the instructions on the box, after using the knife sharpener, we expected the knife to come out super sharp. However, you will need to use the sharpening stones to get the level of sharpness that you want. This may not necessarily be the case for everyone, as different users require different degrees of blade sharpness. But if you are looking for a finely-sharpened thin blade, then you may have to use the stones.

Secondly, the thing that was a bit worrying was the noise from the wheels. This may be an indication of things to come, or rather go. There have been instances of one of the wheels going off after some time of use, particularly in situations where the device made a lot of noise at the outset. There seems to be an issue with the working of the wheels, which may become a problem in the future. Once you unpack the device, we recommend checking it once for overall working. If it isn’t smooth, then you may have a faulty piece that should be exchanged.

What’s the verdict?:

Alright, it’s time for the final verdict on the Chef’s Choice 1520 electric knife sharpener. The biggest highlight is the quality of the materials used in the product. No corners have been cut while designing the knife tool using the best quality materials that will last for a longer time without requiring repair or replacement.

However, there is the potential issue with the disks. Which can be a real problem considering the cost of this electric sharpener. Although as recommended, try it out the first time and see. The manufacturer offers a 3 year warranty on purchase. Overall, a great quality of product for its price.

3. Top Rated For Electric Knife Sharpeners: Chef’s Choice 15 Trizor XV EdgeSelect Electric Knife Sharpener

Chef’s Choice 15 Trizor XV EdgeSelect Electric Knife Sharpener, Platinum

Quick take: You Don’t Have To Work Hard To Keep The Blade Sharp.

The Chef’s Choice 15 Trizor XV EdgeSelect Electric Knife Sharpener uses its own patented EdgeSelect technology to sharpen knives with all kinds of blades. You can sharpen straight knives, serrated knives, and single and double bevel knives in this 3-stage knife sharpener. This knife tool uses the 15° XV technology that is used to convert traditional 20° factory edges of regular knives into ultra-efficient and high-performance 15° XV blades. The claim that this product makes is that a 15° angle blade is a lot more effective and sharper than a 20° angle blade, making it easier to cut, chop, dice, or what have you, and also to handle the knife when using it.

The Chef’s Choice 15 uses a lot of its own patented technologies when it comes to serious and efficient knife sharpening. It also offers users assistance in the entire sharpening process; for instance, it will tell you which stages to use for a particular knife. Depending on the use and purpose, a knife’s blade differs in thickness and sharpness. If you are new to using electric knife sharpeners, then this information can be really useful for you.


The major highlight of the Chef’s Choice 15 is the fact that it sharpens knives to a 15° angle from the traditional 20° angle. A 15° angle is much sharper and precise as compared to 20°, which makes the blade a lot sharper and effective. It gives you more accurate control over the knife when using it. And if you are new to this, you can just refer to the detailed guide that comes with the sharpener. As a knife’s edge gets thinner, using it becomes easier. The comprehensive 3-stage sharpening process gives you the freedom to choose how thin or thick you want your knives to be, depending on what you use them for.

The EdgeSelect technology of this knife sharpener lets you customize the thickness or thinness of the knife blade. The guide helps you in regard to the processes to be used for this. The Trizor VX Edge, which converts traditional knives into sharper and more efficient 15° knives also prolongs the blade’s life by preventing it from becoming dull.

This product is designed with high-quality material that lasts for a long time without eroding. It works on a variety of kitchen knives, making it a very versatile knife sharpening tool. And let’s not forget all the smart technologies that it has been infused with.


One of the potential cons that the Chef’s Choice 15 could have for some people is the 15° angle blade technology. Some users may feel that too much of the blade has been shaved off, which was far more than what they expected or wanted. Not everyone wants incredibly thin knife blades; some rather novice users who are comfortable with their current blade thickness may find this electric knife sharpener to be a little extreme.

Another probable issue is that the sharpener may leave streaks or scuff marks on some knives. The blade may have these marks where it touches the blade guides. This isn’t a big problem considering the knives still work superbly well; but for those who consider aesthetics as important, this could be a bit annoying.

Some knives that are longer than the blade guides may not go all the way into the sharpener. The base of the knife will land up not getting sharpened and remain as it is. If this is happening with your knife, we would recommend you not sharpening it in this device, as it can throw off the balance and overall strength of the blade. Since the knife will be sharpened only till a certain length, the base can become unstable and wonky over time.

What’s the verdict?

Irrespective of the extreme sharpening of blades (as certain users may feel if they are used to thicker blades), this is a good knife sharpener to use overall. It exploits smart technology that eases your work of sharpening knives. You don’t need to use stones for making the blade finer. The 15° angle technology enables better knife performance.

Then there is the customization option for your blades. Depending on what you use the knife for, you can sharpen it to a specific thickness. The comprehensive guide helps you in this matter, by telling you the combinations of stages for varying thicknesses.

Overall, this is a customer-focused knife sharpener that has all the features and convenience that you may need.

Which Electric Knife Sharpener is best for you?

Alright, so now we have seen all 3 of the top electric knife sharpeners. It’s time to decide which one takes home the prize.

The Hulawa knife sharpener is the most pocket-friendly of them all. It can sharpen a variety of blades, like scissors and files. It is compact and easy to carry. But, it does not have a plug point and the batteries may not sustain the pressure. It requires blades to be held little lightly, otherwise it can conk off.

The Chef’s Choice 1520 is made of excellent, high-quality material. The diamond abrasives and patented wheel covering is sturdy and doesn’t erode even after long-term use. However, it does tend to make a substantial amount of noise. And the wheels have a tendency to conk after a few uses, though not with every piece. Then there is the price.

The Chef’s Choice 15 is smart, user-centric, and offers a lot of convenience for sharpening knives overall. It may not work well for longer knives and can appear to be too extreme for users who are used to thicker knife blades.


Overall, we would recommend the Chef’s Choice 15 Trizor XV EdgeSelect Electric Knife Sharpener.

  • Convenience – 4.5/5
  • Guidance – 4.5/5
  • Price – 4/5
  • User friendly – 4/5
  • Smart – 4.5/5
  • Overall – 4.5/5


Buying Guide For Electric Knife Sharpeners:

Sharpening knives is an important and often underrated activity. You generally shouldn’t ignore it because of the following:

  1. It is easier to cook with a sharp knife
  2. It is safer to cook with a sharp knife
  3. Keeps your knife blades sharp and in good condition.
  4. Spares you the unnecessary effort and pain that comes from cutting with a blunt knife.

Electric knife sharpeners are the best because of their convenience and ease of use. But how do you decide which one to buy? The main considerations when buying an electric knife sharpener are:

  1. Your budget.
  2. The frequency of your use.
  3. Your knife sharpening requirements.
  4. What kind of knives you own.
  5. Purpose.

Once you have these answers, it will be easy to select an electric knife sharpener by adding these filters and searching in specific categories in online stores.

What’s Next?

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