Best Knife Sharpening Systems and Kits

Knife sharpening systems are comprehensive kits that contain all the items that you require for your knife sharpening needs. Generally, these kits consist of an assortment of components that you require for sharpening different kinds of knives or other blades. You will commonly find honing rods made of diamond abrasive or ceramic, or other materials, water stones, oilstones, whetstones, grit polishing tapes to keep the stones smooth and even a small stand where you fix the stone on one side and the knife on the other.

The biggest advantage of knife sharpening kits and systems is their versatility. There are a variety of knife sharpening products of different strengths (grit size) and purposes (sharpening or honing). If you own an especially large collection of knives, these come in very handy. You don’t need to buy a separate stone or honing rod for every knife or every sharpening purpose.

Ease of use and convenience are the biggest highlights of knife sharpening kits and systems. These are comprehensive kits that consist of whatever you require for sharpening knives. It is also a more economical option; purchasing every item separately takes your costs up collectively. All in all, a knife sharpening kit is a better investment than purchasing separate knife sharpeners if you have a greater requirement.

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Tri-Angle Sharpmaker

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Edge Pro Apex 1 Knife Sharpener Kit

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Goplus® Professional Kitchen Knife Sharpener System

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Reviews: 99

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Best Knife Sharpening Systems and Kits Reviews

  • Goplus® Professional Kitchen Knife Sharpener System Fix-angle 4 Stones
  • Edge Pro Apex 1 Knife Sharpener Kit
  • Tri-Angle Sharpmaker

1. Best Price For Knife Sharpening Systems and Kits: Goplus® Professional Kitchen Knife Sharpener System Fix-angle 4 Stones

Goplus® Professional Kitchen Knife Sharpener System Fix-angle 4 Stones

Quick take: Sharp Price, Sharp Blades

The Goplus professional kitchen knife sharpening kit consists of a package of 4 different sharpening stones and a stand. It is a complete stone knife sharpening kit that doesn’t come with a honing rod or other sharpening components. The 4 stones are of different grits, 120, 320, 600, and 1500 to be precise. Hence, you can do everything from sharpening to honing or retouching as you work up with the grits. The knife sharpening kit can be adjusted to hold and sharpen knives of different sizes. The stand requires a simple assembly that’s done within minutes.

The Goplus kit is made completely out of stainless steel. Stainless steel lasts for a longer time and is not prone to rusting or other wear and tear. It can go for much longer than other materials even with regular use. The sharpening stand requires the knife to be fitted into it for sharpening. It does not follow the traditional way of using sharpening stones. It works well for all kinds of knives, although we cannot say much for other types of blades. This is more tending towards knife sharpening more than other kinds of blades.


What we like the most about the Goplus professional knife sharpening kit is how pocket-friendly it is. For the functionality that it offers, it is priced very reasonably. A product that is so versatile and priced much lesser than what the individual components would have cost is a great investment according to us. The second thing that we like is how easy it is to use. You can fix the stand-up within minutes and start sharpening immediately.

Speaking of easy to use, we also loved the functionality of the stones. They can be lubricated with both oil and water. This makes maintaining and using the stones very convenient.

The Goplus is very versatile with regard to the size of the knives that it can sharpen. Another great part about this product is that it is a comprehensive sharpener. The 4 varied grit sizes make it possible to perform the entire knife sharpening process without having to purchase stones from outside. If you have a blunt knife, you can start from the 220 to make the blade sharp and gradually get to the 1500 for making it fine. If your blade isn’t totally blunt, then you can start at the 320. If you just need to retouch the blades, just use the 1500 grit size.


One thing that we were kind of disappointed about with the Goplus professional knife sharpening kit is that it doesn’t sharpen anything but knives. If you are thinking about sharpening smaller pocket knives, you will need to adjust the sharpening stand a bit and try it out to see how it works. Luckily, the stand is flexible, but it may not sharpen tactical or pocket knives as effectively.

It is also not as great for other blades like flat blades, choppers, hooks, or much else. So it is strictly restricted to knives of a particular size. Functionality aside, the Goplus also doesn’t provide any instructions for assembling the sharpening stand. We expected some information to come with the packaging for fixing the stand-up, but sadly it wasn’t there. Had to search on the internet for it. If you are good with mechanical assemblies and stuff though, you can do this quite easily. Be prepared to have to screw the stand down. There are no suction cups or other foundation for fixing the stand to a flat surface. So look for something that you can compromise with screws.

Also, the angles for the stand aren’t marked. It could have done with a few extra screws. Assembling it and getting a hang is going to take some patience on your part so be prepared.

What’s the verdict?

Overall, we like the Goplus for what it offers at its price. The stones are all-encompassing, right from sharpening to honing. They are easy to use and very easy to maintain. However, we found this product to not be very technically sound. It is easy to assemble the stand, but there are no instructions, and it has to be screwed down. It sharpens knives of all sizes, but the smaller ones need a little adjustment and some practice. And it is restricted to only knives; it does not sharpen other blades as effectively. However, if you are okay with these shortcomings and can adjust around them, then this is a great product to have, especially for that price.

2. Best Quality For Knife Sharpening Systems and Kits: Edge Pro Apex 1 Knife Sharpener Kit

Edge Pro Apex 1 Knife Sharpener Kit

Quick take: Make It Shine, Make It Sharp.

The Edge Pro Apex 1 Knife Sharpener Kit is a knife sharpening stand on which you need to fix your knife. It has a patented sharpening system that makes it unique from others. This knife sharpening system is effective on all knives that are up to 3.5 inches wide. This means that it works on smaller and fairly bigger knives as well. Kitchen knives are of the ideal size for this kit. It is not restricted to standard knife blades and also sharpens serrated edges.

The Edge Pro makes use of water stones instead of oil stones for an easier use and maintenance. It customizes the formulation of the water stones, specifically for use in this product. It also utilizes an easy technology for changing the stones, knives, and angles using the knob at the end of the sharpener.

This is a non-automated completely manual knife sharpener that does not require a power connection. It allows you to sharpen at the angles of 10, 15, 18, 21 and 14 degrees for varying blade thicknesses. The stone grits are 220 medium and 400 fine. The material of the Edge Pro is built to prevent any heat generation that can lead to damage. This ensures that the life of the product is long and of high quality.


The first characteristic of the Edge Pro that really impressed us was the quality of the materials. This product is made of high-performance and top quality components that are heat-resistant, erosion-resistant, damage-resistant, and last for a very long time. The product also claims that it removes far less steel than electric knife sharpeners or grinders, and removes any uneven edges or nicks in the blade to enhance its performance and consequently its life. It also does not distort the edge while doing so. What we liked was how easy it was to sharpen our knives, and we got a good edge on them too. Also, the knives sharpened at almost the exact same angle each time.

In addition to the quality, the Edge Pro is also very easy to use. You don’t need to screw it anywhere, it can sit on any flat surface. The angles can be changed with the knob at the end. It comes assembled in the box with detailed instructions. Also, it uses water stones that are much easier to use than oil stones. It has its own patented knife guide system that prevents blade clamping as well. This product offers a lot in terms of ease of use, quality, and offering.


What we didn’t really appreciate about the Edge Pro is that it isn’t made of the sturdiest material. It is composed of plastic and metal, which is good quality, yes, but not very strong to hold itself steady during the sharpening process. You really need to hold the equipment down when you are sharpening a knife. Otherwise it doesn’t stay still. There are a lot of videos that do suggest using a light pressure on the knife when sharpening. But that just causes the blade to stray away slowly as the sharpening begins.

Another issue is that the area of the blade that is not being sharpened may get some scratches on it during sharpening. Although this isn’t really harmful to the blade or to its performance, it can be a bit of an issue for those who like to have their blades shiny and scratch-free. Also, some users may find it difficult to sharpen a very narrow blade like a filet knife. It is difficult to reach the stone when the blade is that thin. Though we got it with some practice, some users may find it irritating. If you are okay with some trial and error though, then you will be fine.

What’s the verdict?:

Overall, we like the Edge Pro for the high-quality that it offers. It is very functional, easy to assemble and use, has instructions on the packaging, and even provides a bottle and cloth alongside. It consists of 2 water stones that are easy to use and maintain. However, it offers only 2 grits. We love their patented knife guiding system that prevents the blade from jamming. And also the fact that everything is made with care and precision. The weight and general design can be an issue though. It isn’t very steady or sturdy. And it might not work as well for narrower blades either. All in all, we would recommend it for its overall quality, convenience, and functionality.

3. Top Rated For Knife Sharpening Systems and Kits: Tri-Angle Sharpmaker

Spyderco Tri-Angle Sharpmaker Knife Sharpener 204MF

Quick take: Feel The Blade.

The Spyderco tri-angle sharpmaker is a knife sharpening kit that consists of 2 sets of ceramic stones. These are high-alumina ceramic stones and are used for sharpening all kinds of blades. You can sharpen knives, hooks, darts, awls, flat and standard blades, and more. The sharpening stones are packed in a ABS plastic case that is self-containing and snaps open and shut. You can bolt down the base of the plastic box with screws onto any flat surface for easy sharpening. Additionally, the product comes with a leaflet and DVD that include complete instructions on how it is to be used.

The Spyderco sharp-maker is tested for durability and quality, according to the product description. The highlight of this product is the way the ceramic stones are to be used. They are not supposed to be lubricated using oil or water. They are meant to be used dry without any outer lubricating layer. After use, you are supposed to wash the stones with a plastic scouring pad and a powdered abrasive cleaner and then left to air dry. You will also get a pair of brass safety rods for enhanced grip and stability while sharpening. This is a very minimalist knife sharpening kit.


What we absolutely love about the Spyderco sharpmaker is how minimalist it is, and yet how much functionality it offers and the quality that it is made of. The product claims that it has been tested for quality and durability. Well, we found it to be of plenty high quality and very durable. The stones are made of sturdy material that can sharpen even the dullest of knives. This versatile product doesn’t just sharpen knives; it works effectively on hooks, blades, cutters, and anything else.

The other thing that is admirable about the Spyderco sharp-maker is how easy the stones are to use. You don’t need to lubricate the stones with water or oil. You can use them dry and as they are without any hassle. Just wash them off with a powdered abrasive cleaner and plastic scour pad after you’re done and leave it in a warm dry place to dry off. The entire contents snap shut into a nice little ABS plastic box that can also be screwed onto any flat surface when using the sharpener. Its compact and convenient style makes it easy to carry and store anywhere. All in all, we love it for its functionality, convenience, and quality of materials.


There aren’t really any major issues with this product. It may be a subjective matter that can be a problem for some users and not a problem for some others. Sometimes, it seems like the ceramic stones of the Spyderco are not strong enough for sharpening tougher or hard steel blades. It does work brilliantly well on thinner or softer blades but some of the harder ones may give you slight trouble.

Also, the white stones with the finer grit may not feel as great as the medium grade ones. They may have some imperfections on them like uneven spots or bumps that will throw off their even surface and make the blades uneven too. This was not a problem that we faced though, so as we said, it depends on who is using it. The Spyderco sharp-maker may not necessarily sharpen knives to a fine blade every time. It does work on a large variety of blades though, which adds to its usefulness. The rods are of a really great quality, but actually using the sharpening kit may take some getting used to. If you are new to using stones and rods, then it will take some practice for you to get the hang of it.

What’s the verdict?

We like the Spyderco sharp-maker. It is a neat little product that snaps itself shut into a compact and convenient plastic box. The stones and safety rods are all of a great quality, and the stones are extremely easy to use as well. Although some people may face issues with the finer grit stones, we didn’t really have a problem. You can simply even out the rough surface with a flattening stone or considered getting it replaced. Overall, the Spyderco sharp-maker is a great product with excellent quality and functionality. We certainly liked it. If you are familiar with sharpening using stones, then you will like it too.

Which Knife Sharpening Systems and Kits Is Best For You?

Let’s start with the Goplus professional knife sharpener. It is very pocket-friendly and easy to use. However, it sharpens only knives. The sharpening stand is made of good quality materials that are resistant to heat and erosion, but it needs to be screwed into a flat surface to be used. There aren’t any assembly instructions with the packaging either.

The Edge Pro is made up of a far superior material when it comes to the stones. Also, it makes use of water stones instead of oil stones, which are easy to use, clean, and maintain. But the issue is that the stand is made partly of plastic and is not steady at all. You really need to hold it down when sharpening. However, it is of an overall top quality.

The Spyderco is a handy and convenient product to use. It does require some practice and the finer grit stones may not work that great, but overall it offers a lot of convenience and functionality. So if you are looking for a knife sharpening kit that is budget-friendly, then the Goplus is your best bet. If quality materials matter more than cost, then you should go for the Edge Pro. And if you want an overall good performance, quality, and convenience, then opt for the Spyderco sharp-maker.


Buying Guide For Knife Sharpening Systems and Kits

The most important aspect to consider when buying a knife sharpening kit is your requirement and usage. If you own a lot of knives and are constantly sharpening them, then you should go for something more versatile – a kit that can sharpen various blade thicknesses. If you don’t have much requirement for a knife sharpening kit, then you can go for something more standard. What matters equally is your proficiency with a kit.

Can you handle sharpening knives with stones? Which stones have you been using so far? Can you manage with a change in the stones? And the final thing to consider is your budget. Once you get your requirement straight, fixing a budget will help you zero in on a few products from which you can take your pick. When selecting a knife sharpening kit, these are the 3 things that matter – your use and requirement, your proficiency with sharpening stones, and your budget.

What’s Next?

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