Best Tactical Knife Sharpeners

Tactical knives are special knives that are used for combat or self-defense, among other purposes. These knives are equipped with multiple military features that come in handy in extreme situations, for example if you are on a hike and need to cut through overgrown branches or vines for example. Tactical knives are designed more for utility and usefulness than for fighting or combat, although they are also often called fighting knives. Tactical knives are folding knives that are easy to carry in your pocket. And they are built to be ergonomically sound and offer comfort of use.

The thing about buying tactical knife sharpeners is that they aren’t like your regular knife sharpeners; because tactical knives aren’t like regular kitchen knives. They are sturdier, stronger, and made of much tougher material. Additionally, they are designed especially for performing various functions. Hence, the sharpeners must also be made from the appropriate material that can sharpen these tough knives without eroding or breaking.

Tactical knife sharpeners are made to sharpen stainless steel that’s harder than that used in regular kitchen knives. Again, given the shape of the knives and its various attachments, the sharpener must be able to effectively sharpen and hone those as well. Let’s check out some of the best tactical knife sharpeners in the market.

Check out the top-ranked winners:

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Redi Edge 40 Degree Angle Tactical Grey Pro Sharpener

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Reviews: 37

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Best Quality

Lansky PS-MED01 BladeMedic

Rating: 4.6

Reviews: 3,128

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Smith’s PP1 Pocket Pal Multifunction Sharpener

Rating: 4.4

Reviews: 6,254

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Best Tactical Knife Sharpeners Reviews

  • Smith’s PP1 Pocket Pal Multifunction Sharpener
  • Lansky PS-MED01 BladeMedic
  • Redi Edge 40 Degree Angle Tactical Grey Pro Sharpener

1. Best Price For Tactical Knife Sharpeners: Smith’s PP1 Pocket Pal Multifunction Sharpener

Smith’s PP1 Pocket Pal Multifunction Sharpener, Grey

Quick take: Light and Robust.

The Smith’s PP1 Pocket Pal Multifunction Sharpener is a compact and handy tactical knife sharpener that’s made of some of the toughest quality material. It sharpens both standard and serrated knife edges to razor-thin sharpness using specially shaped ceramic stones. The sharpener also comes with a rod that folds out; it’s made of Diamond coating for sharpening serrated blades and small Gut hooks. Backpackers, hunters, fishermen, and the people who are always on the move and own tactical knives are perfect owners for the Smith’s PP1 Pocket Pal.

It is made up of various materials for sharpening different blades. You will find carbide blades to set the blade edges, ceramic stones to provide finishes to edge, and coarse and fine grit abrasives. One of the highlights of this knife sharpener is that it is compact, sleek, and lightweight. It fits easily into pockets and small spaces and is very easy to carry.

It is made of 2 sharpening slots into which the knives are inserted. There is a fold out Diamond rod that flattens the edges and makes them thinner and sharper and also sharpens the serrated edges. And the bonus is that it is an extremely pocket-friendly tactical knife sharpener.


The major highlight of the Smith’s PP1 Pocket Pal is its price. It is an extremely affordable tactical knife sharpener that anyone can buy. Its reasonable cost makes it one of the best in its category.

The second advantage of this product is its multi-functionality. It has two slots for sharpening the blades and one Diamond rod for flattening and honing. This knife sharpener works on standard and serrated blades as well as Gut hooks. As far as the versatility of tactical knives goes, this feature is a plus.

The third highlight of this product is the quality of the materials. It uses top-quality carbide blades for sharpening dulled out blades. The best part is that they are replaceable and reversible. Then there are the ceramic stones which are used for honing or retouching blades that are already sharp, in between uses. The Smith’s PP1 Pocket Pal is very straightforward to use. It is quite easy to understand how it works and which component does what. This is a very sturdy tactical knife sharpener that is perfectly built to take the strength of a tactical knife. It does not erode or get damaged due to heat despite long-term or rough use. It is built for extreme conditions and the outdoors. A perfect gift for adventure enthusiasts too.


What we didn’t find impressive about the Smith’s PP1 Pocket Pal, that it does not always give a very sharp blade on all knives. It will not work as effectively for some bigger sized blades, and work excellent for others. So here’s the catch – Will it work for your tactical knife blade? You may need to purchase it to find out, but given the reasonable price of this product, that is fortunately not a very great problem. It can be a good ‘investment’ for the tactical knife or pocket knife lovers who do have other modes of sharpening their knives; so if you’re not one of them, you will need to be mentally prepared for an imperfect experience.

Another issue that some knife owners may face is the knife angle after sharpening. Smith’s PP1 Pocket Pal will change the angles on your knife blades; some if not all knives. As we mentioned above, this product is the perfect fit for smaller blades of certain dimensions. For other blades, it will not give a perfect sharpen. The blade may still seem a little dull, and the angle will change. If you are open to this, then you will like the experience that this product provides.

What’s the verdict?

Overall, we would say that the Smith’s PP1 Pocket Pal knife sharpener is a good investment. The best part about this product is the low cost, and the functionality it provides. A lot of thought has been put into making it sturdy, sleek, small and of good quality.

However, it might change the angles on certain blades or not sharpen them to perfection. This will need some trial on your part. The honing rod sharpens serrated blades very well. If you are flexible about the angle of your knife blades, then this is a good product for you. Don’t sharpen your favorite ones first.

2. Best Quality For Tactical Knife Sharpeners: Lansky PS-MED01 BladeMedic

Lansky PS-MED01 BladeMedic

Quick take: When You Really Need It, It Will Be There.

The Lansky PS-MED01 BladeMedic is a compact tactical knife sharpener that has 4 functionalities suitable for sharpening tactical knives of various types. It has a diamond tapered rod for retouching blades. Retouching blades is a part of knife maintenance and must be done in between uses to keep them sharp and healthy. Reconditioning blades is helpful in preventing them from dulling out. Sharpening a dull blade takes more time and effort, and may not always retain its original shape. Retouching is must faster and convenient.

Additionally, it has a carbide and ceramic slot. Tungsten carbide is tough and restores the sharpness of blades fairly quickly. It needs just a few strokes. The ceramic sharpening rod is good for giving a good finish to blades. In case you have sharpened a knife previously, and it doesn’t have a fine finish, then use the ceramic sharpening slot. Finally, it also has a serrated ceramic sharpening rod for sharpening even the smaller serrated blades that are otherwise not easy to get to. What we like about this tactical knife sharpener is that it is compact, easy to store and carry, and offers a lot of functions in one device. It is also quite straightforward to use.


The most positive highlight of the Lansky BladeMedic is the quality of its components. It is made of some of the best quality materials; this goes for the ceramic and tungsten slots and the Diamond honing rod as well. These materials are tough and durable; and can go for a long time with regular and tough use without getting eroded or damaged due to heat. It is designed for outdoor and sports use; and can sustain shocks and bumps.

This knife sharpening device can be used for more than just regular tactical knives. It sharpens hooks, hunting knives, fishing knives, and regular as well as serrated blades. There is a lot of versatility in terms of blade types with the Lansky BladeMedic. Adding to that, this product is also relatively reasonably priced, though not as low as the Smith’s PP1 Pocket Pal. However, for the quality that it offers regarding its components, we aren’t complaining.

Being designed for the outdoors, the shape and size of this knife sharpener are very apt. It is perfectly compact, making it very easy to carry even in your pocket. This makes it particularly handy for those who love to be on the move, particularly trekkers and hikers.


The one thing that we were slightly disappointed about was that the Lansky BladeMedic does not sharpen ceramic knives. Considering how versatile this device is when it comes to different types of blades, this fact was a bit of a disheartenment. Ceramic knives can crack or break with too much pressure or stress. Hence, they preferably require a Diamond abrasive electric knife sharpener to do the job. The Lansky tactical knife sharpener is excellent for steel knives and blades.

The other potential issue with this knife sharpener is that it doesn’t work as well on scissors. Although advertised, this one is great for knives and not so much for other blades. The second issue was that it may take time to put a sharp edge on a blade, particularly for those who are new at it. You will need to sit with this device when you have some time on your hands and some patience too. Some users may find it a little too small for a comfortable sharpening experience. Others may find it slightly heavier. If you are used to ergonomically comfortable honing rods, you may feel like this one is a bit too small. It will take some getting used to in that case. All in all, this device may take some practice and trials on your part.

What’s the verdict?:

All in all, we think this is a good knife sharpener if all you are looking to sharpen are steel blades. If you want something to hone your ceramic knives, then this one isn’t for you. The quality of the materials is top notch; they won’t get damaged with prolonged use. And considering this sharpener is meant for outdoor and rough use, that’s a good thing.

It is also a reasonably priced knife sharpener, good as an investment particularly when you aren’t sure if it’s the right one for you. Some users may find it a little small to handle comfortably but can master with some practice.

3. Top Rated For Tactical Knife Sharpeners: Redi Edge 40 Degree Angle Tactical Grey Pro Sharpener

Redi Edge 40 Degree Angle Tactical Grey Pro Sharpener

Quick take: Small, Effective and Cheap.

The Redi Edge tactical knife sharpener has one special trait that you should know at the offset – it sharpens your knife blades to a 40° inclusive angle. It gives a 20° double edge on all your knives at all times. This is the standard angle for knives to remain aptly sharp and work well. This is a small product that is claimed to be the size of a credit card. Easy to store and even easier to carry. It is a versatile knife sharpener because it does everything – sharpening, honing and polishing.

It consists of Duromite cutters, which are extremely strong and sturdy. They are more durable than most other cutlery and hence very effective sharpeners. The sharpeners are ceramitized; this coating is meant to protect the sharpening components from damage. This makes the sharpener great for outdoor use.

The Redi Edge sharpens knives, hooks, and needles as well because of the V groove that’s built at the bottom. The main aim of this sharpener is to combine functionality and portability.


The first thing that we liked about the Redi Edge tactical knife sharpener is that it is very versatile. It doesn’t just stop at sharpening. It does a lot more. You can hone and polish your knife blades in between usage. This is an important part of knife maintenance; retouching blades is important to maintain their sharpness and health in the long run. And after all, it saves a lot of time that is spent in sharpening a dull blade.

The second thing that impressed us was the Duromite cutters. Duromite is a very sturdy material that’s stronger than a lot of cutlery out there. This makes it perfect for sharpening even the toughest of tactical knives. It aims to create a perfect knife edge each time you sharpen it. Then there is the ceramitized coating. It is smartly designed to protect your sharpener from damage due to shocks or bumps, which is extremely useful for outdoor use, the purpose of this sharpener. The versatility is an obvious factor. We always love sharpeners that aren’t restricted to just knives. The Redi Edge sharpens hooks and needles as well. It provides functionality and mobility. It is an adventure lover’s best friend!


You must be wondering how a product this sturdy and functional could have any cons right? Let us start with saying that the things that we are noting here aren’t exactly cons, but can be an inconvenience to certain users. So first things first, this knife sharpener does not sharpen serrated blades very well. For knife owners who have serrated blade knives, this becomes a real problem because they will need a separate effective sharpener for those blades. This sharpener does have the tools to sharpen serrated blades, but it takes a lot of time and doesn’t do the job as well as you may like.

The second thing is the 40° inclusive angle. There is an upside and a downside to this. The upside is that a 40° angle will last for a longer time. Once you sharpen it, you won’t need to look at it again for a while. However, it isn’t as sharp or effective as say a 30° or even 15° angled blade. This is again a very subjective matter. There are users who are okay with a blade that isn’t super sharp as long as it gets the job done. But the catch here is that tactical knives or pocket knives are multi-functional equipment used specifically for the outdoors. Now you see why this can be a potential issue? However, it depends on you, and whether it works for you or not.

What’s the verdict?

So all in all, we must say that the Redi Edge is a really good knife sharpener. The ratings speak for themselves, you must go and check. Although it is priced on the slightly higher side, the functionality that it offers makes up for it. Given that and the quality of the products, we would say that this knife sharpener will last for a long time. Hence, it can be called a long-term investment and hence a good buy. What we like about it is that it has everything that a user may require. It is small, sturdy, and functional. It does have its set of cons, but those are totally subjective and can be seen as minor adjustments by flexible users. We would recommend this product for its overall quality and usefulness.

Which Tactical Knife Sharpener Is Best For You?

Let’s take a look at all the 3 knife sharpeners we reviewed today in a nutshell. The Smith’s PP1 Pocket Pal is the most economical and pocket-friendly sharpener of all three. It is sleek, sturdy, and functional. However, it may alter the angles on some blades. It is great for those who are looking for a low-cost knife sharpener.

The Lansky’s BladeMedic is made of some seriously good quality material. It is tough and sturdy, and is designed for the rough outdoors. However, it does not sharpen ceramic knives. Only slightly pricier than the Smith’s PP1, it is great for those who get out a lot and require a tough knife sharpener regularly.

The Redi Edge is by far the most convenient option of the lot. Although it priced much higher than the other two, it sees no issues of use or design. It has good quality materials, a sturdy frame and design, and is immensely functional. Great to carry around in your pocket, it is shaped just right to ensure easy portability. It is a good investment for those who don’t mind spending a little extra and getting an all-around tactical knife sharpener. Given the special design of tactical knives and the particular care methods, this one surely emerges as an overall winner. The other two are also strong contenders and great in their own way.


Buying Guide For Tactical Knife Sharpener

If you own a tactical knife, you should strictly buy a tactical knife sharpener. This first thing to be sure about is how and where you will use it. If you like adventure, you will need a knife sharpener that is sturdy, strong and portable.
The second important aspect is what kind of knife you own. Once you know what blades and other attachments your knife offers, it will be easier to narrow down to a sharpener that’s right for you. If you buy one that’s great for standard blades but doesn’t work on serrated blades, then you should own a knife that has only standard blades. The cost, material quality, and functionality are extremely important considerations when buying a tactical knife sharpener.

What’s Next?

Before buying, we recommend you read our special guide on how to maintain your blade and bring back that edge.

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